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Sew Anonymous

Azule | Zodiac Needle Minder

Azule | Zodiac Needle Minder

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Each needle minder is handmade and one-of-a-kind!. There isn't one that is the same as the other!

In collaboration with the amazing Sew Anonymous and their collection of star sign labels, these space-themed magnetic needle minders are made of colourful upcycled shredded plastic, shredded single-use plastic bags, shiny space charms and iridescent glitter to add a bit of sparkle to each one! Each needle minder is handmade and unique with imperfections that add character to each one-of-a-kind piece.

Raising Waste Awareness

These are made with resin, upcycled single use bags (that would otherwise end up in landfils). Single use plastic bags were used as a way to raise awareness about the growing global plastic crisis and how we as humans should be mindful of the waste that we produce. 

Waste Materials Used

  • Shredded PP Plastics
  • Plastic bags and packaging
  • paper packaging
  • Scraps from 3D printers and tiles


Because each needle minder is completely unique from one another there will be a variation in size! 

Approx measurements are 6.5 cm to 7 cm in diameter and 1 cm to 1.5 cm in width. 

How To Care For Your Resin

1) Rinse any stains with soapy water.  Dry with a towel to avoid water stains.

2) Resin is not microwave or oven friendly.

3) Resin products are longlasting but we advice you to still handle with care to avoid scarring or breakage.

4) Polish with a bit of oil if any frosted stains appear after cleaning with water. 

About The Maker

Resin & Be Thankful is a small business owned by the lovely Sarah. Offering knick-knacks with a versatile combination of resin and upcycled waste materials. Our goal is to make a difference by helping heal our environment one small step at a time. We’re starting with these upcycled products, with the hope of reducing plastic waste from reaching our landfills and oceans!

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