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Pastel Mint Green Acrylic Cotton Reel Necklace | Sew Dainty

Pastel Mint Green Acrylic Cotton Reel Necklace | Sew Dainty

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Measuring approximately 2.5cm in width and 3cm in height, this cotton reel is a pretty pastel shade of spearmint green with a matt finish. A hint of sparkle is provided by the use of silver glitter acrylic to represent the needle.

The acrylic has been laser cut from a 3mm sheet and is backed with varnished walnut.

Each necklace is hand assembled, and therefore individual.

The gold chain is an 18″ diamond cut flat trace chain with closed links. Lobster claw clasps on the chains provide a secure fastening. This length chain should sit approximately just below the throat on the collar bone.

The necklace is sent to you in a protective gift box with a care leaflet.

Care instructions.

To keep your necklace in perfect condition, avoid getting it wet.

Remove before sleeping.

Avoid any sprays such as fragrance and hairsprays etc whilst wearing it.

Do not wear against skin that has been recently moisturised with creams or oils.

Any finger marks can be removed by very gently wiping with a soft cloth.

Acrylic jewellery is delicate, particularly when it is constructed using several parts. With this in mind, please handle and wear it with care, and store it in its protective box when you are not wearing it.


Due to small parts and the chains, none of my necklaces are suitable for children.

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