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Ethel and Joan

Taurus Handmade Buttons | Ethel and Joan Collaboration

Taurus Handmade Buttons | Ethel and Joan Collaboration

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These beautiful Starsign inspired buttons were made in collaboration with Ethel & Joan.

This particular button is designed specifically for a Taurus colour palette! BUT they do not need to be exclusively worn by a Taurus. so if you love these colours! Then go for it! It will look fantastic on everyone! 

Dimensions 14mm in size and 3mm thick

Set of 8 per card

About The Maker

All the buttons are hand made with hand poured resin into to silicon molds. Because of the way I make the buttons it means that the buttons don't always come out machine perfect, so there are some irregularities..... but that uniqueness is part of the charm.

The shop is named after my nans Ethel and Joan, both are very strong characters, but in very different ways. Lets just say one of them favours to drink vodka, others is tea. That's why they are the perfect name sake for my shop, as i want to make and sell buttons full of character.

Hope you enjoy my buttons, and thank you for supporting my small business.

Louise x

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