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Sew Anonymous

This Took Forever! | Quilt Woven Sew In Labels

This Took Forever! | Quilt Woven Sew In Labels

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A black and white contrasting label with the phrase "This took forever", which let's face it, Most quilts take a while to complete! The label is then finished with a  stunning moon phase to symbolise "forever" or if we are to get technical a whole moon phase being approximately 29.5 days to complete an entire lunar cycle. 

New to our Sew Anonymous brand are these quilt labels. Quilting has really gained popularity in recent years and we think that a modernised version of the quilting tag is needed! These labels aren't only limited to quilting though. They will be perfect for bag making and other bigger crafting projects in need of a larger label. 

Project Ideas

  • Quilts
  • Cushions
  • Bags
  • Coats
  • Clothing - Hoodies, corners of t-shirts or neckline!
  • Endless crafting/sewing opportunities!

About the labels

Each pack contains 3 labels with the phrase "This took ages" accompanied by a black and white contrasting image of a moon phase.


 3 x 2 inches

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